What to Wear



Want to rock your session with your wardrobe?  Here are some tips:

  • Be comfortable! If you are uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable.
  • Flaunt your assets!  Love your legs? Wear a skirt.  Don’t love your arms? Wear sleeves, like a cute cardi or blazer.
  • Co-ordinate.  Don’t match. No more white shirts and jeans. White shirts tend to ‘wash you out’ in photographs. The current trend is to choose two or three colors and co-ordinate amongst each other.  Don’t be afraid to mix stripes. plaids and tweed.
  • Nothing too distracting – logos on shirts and shorts will take the attention away from your beautiful faces!  Patterns are great but look best if co-ordinated amongst each other.
  • Please steer clear of fluorescents!! They make harsh colour casts on skin that can be tough to ‘fix’ in editing.
  • Accessorize.  Necklaces, scarves, ties and hats (not ball caps) always add interest to photos.
  • Layer, layer, layer!! It adds dimension and interest to your photos and brings out your personality!
  • Can’t decide? Bring an outfit change.  I’m happy to allow one outfit change during the session.  Be sure to let me know so I can book extra time to allow.
  • Plan Ahead.  Don’t leave it to the last minute!  Give yourself some time to decide on what will look best on everyone and what will look great hanging on your walls.  Consider the color and style of your home and what colors will look great hanging there for years.
  • Dress for the weather.  For all involved!  Your kids will be happier and so will you!  A thick sweater on a hot summer day will make anyone cranky in a hurry.  If it is cold and windy a dress might not be the best option.
  • Dress right before your session to preserve the attire you have carefully chosen for your photos.  If you have a long drive, consider bringing your toddler/kid’s session outfits and changing at the location.  Also, if your session is around the dinner hour (usually best for lighting), please eat before your session or have a substantial snack so everyone is in a good mood.  Please also bring water, if you have toddlers, small children or pets they will be active and thirsty during the session.
  • Please come prepared to have fun and interact with your kids, my goal is to capture the genuine stuff.

See you at your session!