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Leah + Nico – Bo.ttega Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Leah and Nico married at Bo.ttega in South East Kelowna near the end of September and it was too sweet for words.  Let me tell you my favourite things about their wedding.

Their personal vows were beyond compare.  Not only did Leah and Nico write personal vows (which I’m a sucker for) but Leah also surprised Nico with personal vows for his two teenage kids.  Not a dry eye in the crowd! myself included.


My second favourite thing was Leah and Nico’s recessional.  A cruiser bike departure complete with a victory lap around Bo.ttega’s driveway.  

So. Much. Fun.


My third most favourite thing was simply Leah and Nico together.  I’ve known Leah for many years and had never met Nico.  When I asked her about him, Leah described Nico as ‘the man of my dreams’.  She gushed about him.  It was adorable.  And then I witnessed them together at their rehearsal and on their wedding day and you just get a feel. He’s wonderful. They are both very lucky.


Now here is their day from the beginning…