Okanagan Vacation ~ West Kelowna Rotary Trails ~ Kelowna Family Photographer

This family was on their yearly Kelowna vacation from Alberta.  I met them at the Rotary Trails in West Kelowna just across the street from Okanagan Lake.  It was the perfect spot for the two girls who loved every minute of exploring the area.  We waded in the creek and threw rocks, raced on the bridge, picked flowers and then they ended up having a water fight in the Lake.  I have to say that is a first but it was most definitely the best part.  I loved their laid-back style.  Ya know when you meet people and their goodness just radiates from them.  That’s how I feel about this family.  They were just. so. nice.  Dad’s a big teddy bear and Mom is encouraging of all things adventure.  Gotta love that balance.

Here are a few from our evening photo session which had the prettiest of light.  Thanks for looking.