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Jaimie & Josh ~ Kopje Regional Park and Falkland Community Hall Wedding ~ Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Photographing Jaimie and Josh’s wedding felt like hanging out with old friends. Just like the first day  I met them , they were a wonderful combination of chill, kind and gracious all day long.

Jaimie started her wedding day by waking up to the lovely lake view at The Manteo Resort in Kelowna.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect Spring blue blazer.  In the hotel suite the bridal party took turns being pampered by Melanie Feeny of Shimmer + Gloss and Hairstylist Alana.

Jaimie’s bridal party personalities were brought out in their selection of nude coloured dresses. Rebecca in a tone that perfectly played up her strawberry features, Kat’s adorable lace draped pregnant belly, Sabrina in a fun suede fringe and Mina’s silky A-line number.  All of the dresses mingled beautifully together as did the girls.  There was tons of good vibes and plenty of laughter in that hotel suite.

Jaimie looked incredible in her slim fit lace covered gown with satin buttons down the back. Her elegant look finished with a flower crown and veil (Blue Sage Farm). Her grandmother’s darling earrings and her mother’s sapphire ring were the finishing touches to complete the traditions of old, borrowed and blue.

Josh prepped at home with Rix the cat and his groomsmen. These fine four guys from various cities and different times in Josh’s life came together in Kelowna to help him celebrate.  Big smiles, beards, bow ties, suspenders and colourful patterned socks were just part of the stylish ensemble that Josh handpicked.

Josh was handsomely outfitted in a light shade brown. A vest and plaid tie blended with his long hair and full beard finished his stylish look perfectly.

Kopje Regional Park was the setting for the beachside ceremony. The breeze from Okanagan Lake paired with upbeat tunes kept the emotions at bay…temporarily that is. The father of the bride got things going when he didn’t even make it to the aisle let alone down it before the waterworks ensued.  And if the father of the bride didn’t tug on the guest’s heartstrings the personal vows definitely did.  Jaimie and Josh spoke such sweet words to each other with a few comical additions here and there.  A wonderful mix of tears and laughter among the guests.  When it was time, Josh kissed Jaimie and gave her the best bear hug ever. The guy really meant it when he hugged her.  It was the sweetest.

Jaimie fell in love with Falkland Hall’s charm and immediately knew it would also be the perfect place for the reception.  The decor gave a warm rustic feel.  Strings of edison lights, sparkling gold table covers, twinkling candles and mason jars full of flowers and wheat (an homage to Josh’s prairie upbringing).  The live band to played on the hall’s vintage stage.  Vernon’s The Young’uns did not disappoint! The dance floor was full immediately and surely it lasted into the wee hours….

Congratulations Jaimie and Josh! I feel so lucky to have been a part of your wedding day.  I know you will have a long, happy and fruitful life together. XO.

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