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Graham & Tina ~ Okanagan Mission Hall ~ Kelowna Wedding Photographer

I didn’t know Graham and Tina before their big day but even in the frenzy of the wedding day, its surprising what kind of a feel you get from a couple.  There is just something in the way Graham looks at Tina.  I’m pretty sure he adores her and the feeling is mutual.  There were a number of times through the day that I noticed how he looked at her….kind eyes and a soft smile.  She seems to be a joker, frequently saying ‘I’m KIDDING!!!’  I love funny and I love two people in love. These two were both of those.

It was pouring rain the morning of their wedding.  Like buckets. About an hour before the ceremony the rain let up, it cleared off and the rest of the day was perfect.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Okanagan Mission Hall on Lakeshore Drive in Kelowna. The bride and groom decked the place out in pink, Tina’s favourite.  Between the pink and white draping, white chair coverings, twinkle lights and florals it was tough to tell this was a community hall and not a ballroom.

The groom, groomsmen and Man of Honour wore grey suits with a simple pop of colour in their pink daisy boutonnieres.  The girls looked lovely in strapless pink dresses with cowboy boots, of course.

The wedding party was filled with family and long-time friends.  The couple’s sweet little family all played a part, big brother strolled a vintage wagon down the aisle toting his little sister and he also held the rings tight.  The bride made an entrance in a billowy strapless gown with gorgeous appliqué flowers hiding hot pink cowboy boots underneath.  She was immediately brought to tears or ‘leaking love’ as she called it.  Her Dad and Step-Dad walked her down the aisle, anyone could see she was overcome with the emotion of the day, hanging on pretty tight to make it to Graham.  Their personal vows filled with lovely words and laughter and just like that the family started sharing a last name.

We did bridal portraits at a private residence near Okanagan Lake.  The bridal party took turns in front of the camera and chilling in the Adirondack chairs, sipping beers and enjoying the canopy of a huge tree on the property.  They were a laid back crew and lots of fun.

The newlyweds showed up to their reception in a classic chevy camaro with a hot pink ‘Just Married’ sign attached to the back. The couple’s self-proclaimed ‘big crazy families’ toasted them and told stories, it was evident there was much love in the room.

Here are some images that tell the story of their day.  Thanks for looking!2015-08-04_0001 2015-08-04_0002