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Graduated! ~ Kelowna Photographer~

I met up with Kyley and Lance to celebrate their prom and graduation a couple weeks ago and they couldn’t have been more awesome.  When she walked through the doors of Kasugai Gardens in Kelowna, I couldn’t believe it.  She looked just beautiful in her pink jewel covered gown and he looked so handsome in his charcoal grey suit and bow tie.  Don’t you just love a bow tie?  He’s a big football playing teddy bear and she’s a Disney loving sweetheart…AND they are graduating!!

We spent some time in the gardens we went down to the boardwalk by the Delta Grand where they would later take part in their grad walk.  On our way these two got too many compliments to count!  People literally stopped and stared. I’m pretty sure she was likened to a princess at least a few times.  We ran into her grandparents along the way and you should’ve seen the way they looked at her.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if they tripped over themselves (but thankfully didn’t). They were BEAMING!! Adorable!

I hope you savoured every moment of the Prom you two!!

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